You Have One Hour… 

 August 4, 2013

By  Ryan Swapp

Yesterday, a man walked up to you and said, “I have a once in a lifetime opportunity for you…”

You are somewhat taken back by the statement but are very curious to hear what he has to say. He continues, “I can grant you the opportunity to be anyone from the past for just one hour. I am not offering you a chance to go back in time but to be that one person for an hour and you can go anywhere and talk to anyone that you would like.” He then tells you that you have one day to decide who you will be and what you will do and gives you a phone number to call when you have made your decision.

Discuss: You go back home and sit by the phone… Who do you want to be for an hour?

Discuss: Where do you want to go and what will you do?

Discuss: Is there anyone you want to talk to when you are this other person for an hour?

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