What’s Your Dream Team? 

 September 23, 2020

By  Aspen Norton


You’ve been called to NASA for a space mission to go to a new planet. You’ve passed all the tests and qualifications and now, you’ve got to choose 3 colleagues to go with you. You will be in space for 12 months together.

Discuss: What type of individuals do you choose and why? What personality traits, qualities, and skills do they have that you think will be of value and important for the next 12 months together in space?

Discuss: What one skill would you want to master before going on this trip?

You arrive on the new planet and are the first to step on the ground. You’re being filmed and it’s live and on national TV.

Discuss: What would your first words be?

(Featured image by Sebastien Decoret  @123rf.com)

Aspen Norton

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