Water Conservation

Did you know that on average, you use 2.5 gallons of water per minute while you are in the shower?

In a family of four, cutting one minute off each person’s shower time each day would save 3,600 gallons of water a year. In a city of 10,000 households, that would save 36 million gallons of water a year. Imagine if everyone could shave several minutes off their shower time…

Discuss: Think about how you take a shower. How often do the people in your family really need to take showers? Once a day? Once every other day? Should you take an extra daily shower if you have exercised or engaged in work or play that makes you extra dirty?

Discuss: How could you make your shower faster? If you use soap, shampoo, and conditioner, think about the order that you use them in. Could you possibly rearrange things to optimize this task?

Challenge: In our family, one of our young daughters was able to reduce her time from more than 20 minutes to two minutes. Time your next shower and see how fast you go. Do a before and after and calculate how much water your family is going to save in the next year.

According to National Geographic, it takes around 70 gallons of water to fill up a tub so, in case you were wondering, taking a shower tends to use less water than taking a bath. And if you use a low-flow showerhead, National Geographic says you can save up to 15 gallons of water in one 10-minute shower.

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