USS Alpha Centauri: Mission #1 

 January 22, 2021

By  Aspen Norton

Alpha Centauri corridors

This discussion card will take significantly longer than other cards because you’re about to have a lot of fun role playing. Just plan for it to occupy your dinner discussion…and maybe some time after which happened for us and was a blast.

You are part of the crew aboard the USS Alpha Centauri, a starship with the mission to protect and defend allied worlds. As the USS Alpha Centauri is heading to the planet of Akil, to meet with and help protect the Akileans from oncoming attacks from the Shagrafei, an aggressive, violent, shapeshifting race of aliens that conquers planets to turn them into slave worlds. While on route, your ship lurches and shakes. Crew members are thrown about and crash to the floor. The lights go out and red emergency lighting comes on. The command staff gathers to determine what has happened to the ship.

First everyone quickly pick a role from the list below, then following brief instructions below, get to work and make up the story as you go. Just be playful, have fun, and create your own adventure! Make it intense or funny. Insert your own plot twists for yourself and other characters. One player should be the captain, and one other player must be the ship’s counselor.

  • *Captain
  • *Ship’s Counselor (Psychologist)
  • First Officer
  • Weapons Officer
  • Navigation Officer
  • Communications Officer
  • Science Officer
  • Chief Engineer
  • Ambassador
  • Doctor
  • Security Chief

*Required roles

Discuss: Get started. Figure out what caused the disturbances on the ship and resolve the issues.

Discuss: As you get your ship running again your scanners pick up a nearby ship. It’s the Shagrafei. They want to negotiate with you for the planet Akil. It could be a trap. Engage in diplomacy, but remember your ship is armed with Class 4 Quantum Torpedoes and heavy cannons. (Have one player be the captain of the other ship temporarily.)

Discuss: After the “negotiations” conclude, a member of the crew wearing a red shirt is found dead in one of the corridors with strange claw marks on his face and across his shirt, ripping it open. The ship’s counselor has a cat on board which is used in therapy sessions with crew members. The counselor is absolutely positive their cat is innocent of murder, but others in the crew are now suspicious. They have never trusted the cat (because it was prone to ripping their nylon-based uniforms), and one security guard mentioned seeing the cat in that corridor around the time of the murder. How will your crew solve this mystery? What has happened to the cat?

Conclusion: You make it to Akil and are greeted warmly by the planetary counsel. Your timely actions have saved this planet and they award you their highest honor and hold a banquet for your crew. Another successful mission.

Please leave a comment below about something fun that happened during your adventure.

(Image by Mik38 at 123rf.com)

Aspen Norton

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