The Proximity Game 

 August 12, 2013

By  Oak Norton

Proximity Game

Do you know how close your family is?

This activity may require a little preparation. It needs to be an emotionally safe environment. There can’t be any tension or anger at the table because people could open up a little bit and negative emotions will spoil the moment. If the family isn’t in a good mood, save this card for another time.

If you have a collection of small objects such as sea shells, pebbles, Hot Wheels cars, or something else, bring them to the table. Otherwise you can use random little objects, or food but that could get messy.

Each family member needs to pick out an object they feel represents them and say why they chose it to represent them. Then, all the objects are put into an open area of the table and starting with someone who will go first, he/she arranges the objects based on their perception of the family closeness between family members. This activity will let everyone see where some relationships can be strengthened in the family. Do not turn this into an inquisition, it’s merely an opening of communication that lets family members express themselves. There could be some surprises that surface which will help you know where you can work specifically to build relationships.

(Featured Image by Steve Dunning @123rf.com)

Oak Norton

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