The Most Random Sentence Competition 

 July 30, 2021

By  George Lestner

random word game

Have you ever played a word association game? This is where you take turns saying words that are related to each other. For example, when someone says “cereal!”, you shout “‘milk” and the next person goes “uh..‘cow!”, and the next says “pig” and you keep going until someone misses a beat or stutters. Well, this is like the opposite of that game.

Instead of seeing how logical and sensible you can be, this game will test your creativity and ridiculousness.

Here are the rules: you each come up with a sentence on your own made up of seven words. You then go around the table and take turns saying the most ridiculous and random seven word sentence you can think of. The sentence has to make sense – it can’t be gibberish or just a bunch of adjectives or nouns. For example, you can’t say, “plonky yoop jifferpop bonk zazoo choof” or even “beached monkey motorbike jumping twice yellowing plenty!”. It has to at least be a proper sentence. For example, you could say, “Pickled teaspoons are measuring Brazil’s clockwise feet”. Of course it’s nonsense, but it’s a sentence – it makes sense. You can do it in several rounds where you each take time to craft the most random sentence you can think of, or you can just keep going one after another.

You can then rate each persons’ sentence out of ten or use the loudness of the applause to rate them. Come up with your own variations if you want.

May the most weird person win. Jobless mango becomes a gorgeous, clumsy biscuit.


(Featured image by rogistok at 123rf.com)

George Lestner

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