July 24, 2013

By  Ryan Swapp

self disciplined

What does it mean to be self-disciplined?

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary self-discipline is “the ability to make yourself do things that should be done.” Self-discipline is a good thing! But how does self-discipline help us? Let’s look at the example of two students.

Student One: The first student was just assigned a big project by their teacher and has three weeks until it is due. This student decides that they have a lot of time before the project is due so they will just relax and hang out with their friends. One week goes by and the student hasn’t even thought about the project. Another week goes by and the student has almost forgotten about the project. Towards the end of the following week, the student’s teacher reminds them that their project is due on Friday. This student begins to worry and starts to get upset. They blame their teacher for the stress they feel and complain about how hard the project is. They spend all night working with their parents to get the project done and are very stressed out.

Student Two: The second student is in the same class as the first student and receives the same assignment. Instead of waiting to do the project, this student decides to start working on it immediately. They spend a couple nights working on it and are done with the project the first week. This student is really happy that they had the opportunity to work on the project because of how much they learned and are grateful that their teacher assigned it to them. However, the second student is a little disappointed that they have to wait another two weeks before they can present their project.

Discuss: Which student would you rather be?

Discuss: Which student had more self-discipline? How did having self-discipline help the second student to learn and have a better attitude?

Discuss: How can you be more like the second student?

In subsequent cards, we will help you learn how to be more like the second student.

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Ryan Swapp

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