Relationship Building In A Consumer World 

 October 5, 2020

By  Ryan Swapp


The modern world encourages us to “buy to impress.” We are taught to consume products at an ever faster rate, and a key part of this message is that it will make us better liked as people. We’ll have better friends, or we’ll have better connections and better relationships. It’s worth it to think about this though.

Discuss: Does impressing other people lead to healthy relationships?

Discuss: Has purchasing a new “thing” ever helped you get friends?

Discuss: Do your friends care about the clothing you wear?

Discuss: What really makes a relationship with another person work?

Discuss: Do you ever worry about what other people think of what you have, rather than who you are?

Look past what the television thinks a relationship should be and think about what actually makes people happy. This exercise might just uncover what you and your family actually value about each other.

Ryan Swapp

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