Interesting Conversation Topics 

 November 22, 2013

By  Oak Norton

Interesting conversation topicsLooking for interesting conversation topics?

Ever wanted interesting conversation topics to discuss with your family at dinner but nothing came to you? If you’re like me, you’ve struggled to think of things right off the top of your head as you’ve sat at dinner with your kids. My wife and I ask our children the same thing over and over in different ways…

“How was your day at school?”

“What was the best thing that happened at school today?”

“What did you learn in class X?”

Participation is weak because the question is weak. There’s no interest.

The truth is, our kids are eager to learn. They want something interesting to learn about or do. They want something to reach out at them and demand their attention. Having interesting conversation topics to discuss with them opens up the path to communication.

It’ll be too late before you know it

I’ve wanted to create this site for several years because I saw my own children growing and passing into adulthood and I knew I hadn’t shared everything with them that I wanted to. I scream, “NO, you’re not ready yet!!!” inside my head but the clock keeps on ticking…

My goal with this site was to provide myself and others with a wide variety of topics that would get people talking at the dinner table and forget about the TV and other distractions. How cool would it be if after a conversation at dinner, your children said, “hey dad, tell me more about how XYZ works.” Or, “can we start doing that?”

There are so many inspiring stories and principles to learn about in different fields. Drilling down to core principles enhances the way we live our lives. Having a life based on principle makes life more fulfilling. My hope is, you’ll give this site a chance to change your family’s life. Every ounce you invest into your family, pays back pounds of dividends. You never know where a single conversation with your child is going to change their life and put them on a road to something wonderful. We just need opportunities to open the door to those discussions.

Dinner Discussions provides interesting conversation topics on a wide range of topics. We’re working on about 30 topics right now and there will certainly be more to come. Please sign up today and give it a try. It could just change your life.

Oak Norton

Father of 5 children, husband to 1 amazingly patient woman, entrepreneur, and education advocate.

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