Honest Abe 

 August 14, 2013

By  Ryan Swapp

Honest Abe

Do you know why people refer to President Lincoln as “Honest Abe?”

Let me tell you! Throughout his life, Abraham Lincoln practiced honesty in everything that he did. Here are a couple of examples:

When Abraham Lincoln was a young man, he worked as a clerk in a general store. Clerks take payments from customers and help to sell products and organize the store. One day while Abe was counting the store’s money for the day, he realized that he had collected too much money and had not given a particular customer enough money back when he had purchased an item. Immediately, he calculated how much money was owed and personally delivered the money to the customer who was unaware that he had been short-changed. On another occasion, he realized that he had given a customer too little tea for the amount that she had paid. He promptly went to her home and personally delivered the rest of the tea that she had paid for. She also was unaware that she had received too little tea. These people were very grateful for him looking out for their welfare.

There are many stories like these from the life of President Lincoln that demonstrate his honesty.

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Many people trusted President Lincoln because he was so honest. Always being honest will help you gain the respect of everyone around you and you will never have to worry about getting in trouble because of a lie. In addition, you will feel a lot better about life and never find yourself if you are always honest!

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Ryan Swapp

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