Your First Lesson in Selling

If you don’t ask, you won’t receive.

How many times have you wanted something but didn’t ask for it? Maybe you’re a teenager and your friends are getting a bigger allowance.

Discuss: What prevents you from getting a raise?


  • Too young to do some chores
  • Family circumstances limit the amount of money available for an allowance
  • Parents don’t want to pay you more for what you’re doing
  • You’re nervous or shy about asking
  • It didn’t even cross your mind to ask for a raise

To get what you want requires a plan. You need to justify asking for the raise and not just ask for a raise because you’re older or your friends are making more money. If you’re shy or timid and don’t want to ask in person, you might put your request in a letter detailing your reasons for why your parents should give you a raise.

Discuss: What are some things you could offer to justify a higher allowance?

  • Increased chore load (ask for more work for more pay)
  • Independently doing the work without being asked to (you notice when it needs to be done and do it)
  • Look for things that need to be done that aren’t on your chore list and propose a pay rate to do that work

Once you’ve come up with your reasons, ASK!



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