Conversation Topics For Kids 

 November 22, 2013

By  Ryan Swapp

Conversation Topics For Kids

Conversation Topics For Kids

Dinner Discussions is a project that Oak Norton and I started in order to help families draw closer together and to help parents facilitate conversation topics for kids at the dinner table. When Oak first introduced the idea to me I was very excited to get things going and to see what we could accomplish! We weren’t sure what we would make of the idea but we wanted to give it a shot and this site was born! What we do here is provide conversation topics for kids so that they can make their mealtimes more meaningful. Let me give you an example of what I mean:

When introducing me to the idea, Oak related an experience that he had one night with his family. He was sitting at the dinner table with his kids and had the idea to ask his kids how they could optimize the process of doing the dishes that night. He first explained the concept of optimization and then let his kids come up with a plan for how each family member could participate in doing the dishes so that it was done in the most efficient way possible. He told me that they came up with a plan and that they completed the dishes in 3 minutes! It normally takes them about 20 minutes… How awesome is that!

The experience that Oak had is what we hope to provide to families everywhere! Think of the benefit to children who grow up in a home where fun and intellectually stimulating topics are routinely discussed around the dinner table… If families are consistent with using these conversation topics for kids each night the children will be far ahead of their peers.

In addition to providing fun and engaging content, we want this site to be a place where parents can come to share ideas for strengthening families. We have a page in which anyone can submit great ideas for dinner discussion topics. We hope to create a vibrant community of pro-family activists who want to give their children every advantage they can. We look forward to pushing this project forward and are excited to gain your support!

– Ryan

Ryan Swapp

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