The Animal Game 

 July 18, 2013

By  Oak Norton


Here’s a fun game you can play at dinner or in the car. Our family loves this game, especially our 11-year-old who now takes to the Internet to look up exotic animals to stump our family. Let each member of your family take a turn, and then in the future you can let whoever guesses the animal be the person to go next.

How to play:

One person thinks of an animal such as a tiger and says, “I’m thinking of an animal that starts with the letter T.”

Everyone around the table can now guess which animal the player is thinking of. If initial guesses slow down, players can ask questions like “Is it a mammal?” or “Does it live in a jungle?” sort of like 20 questions.

More guesses can be made any time. If players continue to be stumped, the player who knows the animal can offer up the next letter in the animal’s name. If nobody can guess the animal, the player can go again.

If someone chooses an animal with multiple words like water buffalo, you can announce the animal has two words and starts with “w” or give both letters “w” and “b” if your players are younger.

I recommend you stick to real animals and not mythological ones.

(Featured image by jefferyhamstock @123rf.com)

Oak Norton

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