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Here’s what members say about Dinner Discussions and how it’s impacted their families.

“I never thought I could teach my eight and six year old political and economic concepts at the dinner table, but Dinner Discussions has done just that. Learning together as a family is much better than discussing the latest gossip or video game. Thank you for bringing our family conversations to another level.”

Morgan O., Orem, Utah

“When we started using Dinner Discussions, we started talking and thinking about topics that we’d never made time to explore as a family…like water conservation. The kids had no idea how much water a household used. When we started talking about water, the idea grew into electricity and garbage and recycling. We had a lively and informative evening that I’m sure changed the way we’ll think about our daily activities. The best part is, we were talking and sharing that hour with each other and having a good time. I’d like to think I’m a creative person and could come up with fascinating topics all on my own, but at the end of the day I don’t have the energy to dream up great topics. Dinner discussions does that for me and anything that simplifies my job and gets my kids learning is something I can really recommend! Thanks Dinner Discussions!”

Lana W., Stockholm, Sweden

“We’ve been using Dinner Discussions the last couple weeks and we really like them. It’s fun to see what the kids respond with and how well they understand what we’re talking about. We love the variety and opportunities for teaching.”

Kristen D., Bountiful, Utah

“Last night my husband and I sat down to dinner with our two children, an eight-year-old boy and a four-year-old girl. Normally we have a tough time keeping these two active kids at the table long enough to finish their meals (and sometimes our fussy four-year-old never does). And honestly, half the time both my husband David and I are just as distracted as the children, leaping up from the table to find something in the kitchen or to check messages on our mobiles or laptops. But last night was different, because we tried Dinner Discussions. We picked a few discussion cards that we thought were interesting and suitable for the kids’ ages, and asked the first question. An hour and a half later, everyone was still seated around the table, chattering away. Instead of listening to the kids bicker, whine about the food, and beg to leave the table, the whole family talked about phone etiquette and how to handle calls from strangers, discussed the potential value of an imaginary one-a-kind gemstone found in our backyard, and mused about what we would give each other if the gift could be anything in the world. As parents, we learned some important information about our kids and how they think (clearly my daughter is not yet ready to answer the telephone on her own) and we were able to use the conversation about the telephone in particular as a teachable moment. We even had a couple of minor arguments about the value of imaginary gems but happily these disagreements weren’t of the usual “her elbow is in my space!” variety – they were thoughtfully and politely expressed differences of opinions. (And I am hoping I’ll be able to persuade my husband of the validity of my point of view tonight at dinner.) The whole family laughed a lot and, because we talked about the gift question last, everyone felt very loved and validated when it was time to leave the table. I plan to use Dinner Discussions as often as possible in the future, especially as the kids get older, in order to stay connected. There are many fascinating questions to choose from, ones that can easily be tailored for children of any age. I can’t recommend this program highly enough!”

Stephany A., Bridgewater, Canada

“We started the dinner discussion cards last week at dinner.  They are fun!  It’s great for each one of us to share our different ideas, perspectives, and answers with each question. Some of the answers given were funny and made us laugh, while others were serious and made us think.  The questions also lead to other discussions at the table, and that was great.  What a fun way to get families talking about a variety of subjects! ”

Rachelle G., Draper, Utah

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