Welcome to Dinner Discussions!

Those of you who are new to the site, welcome! This site is for families looking for table topics to have engaging conversations at the dinner table. There is a wide variety of content on the site in dozens of categories and we are constantly creating new content.

On the home page you can scroll down a list of virtual cards. If you click into a category, you’ll see cards that relate to that category, and sometimes others that are in multiple categories because the card spans multiple topics.

Before you join as a member, you’ll only have access to a portion of the card. You must be a member of the site to see all of the content, but we do have a few “freebie” cards you can see in the Freebies category to evaluate if you’d like to join us and have full access to the site. Join today.

The Most Important Thing

Have fun and don’t let these conversations ever get into negative emotional territory or your family will be less interested in having these types of conversations.

How do I use the cards?

Each card contains some engaging content to start off the discussion, a number of discussion points, and sometimes some suggested action items you might consider doing.

Read the first content section aloud to your family. When you come to the word “Discuss” in bold lettering, read that line aloud and then pause for a discussion. Try not to accidentally read ahead so you can participate in the discussion as well. Some cards will have a lot of discussion questions and you can feel free to skip them and make up your own as you feel appropriate.

After that discussion, you continue on with the card if there is more content or discussion items.

Essentially, you as the parent are leading a fun and engaging discussion for your family around the dinner table.

Things to watch out for…

If you’ve got young children, try to simplify concepts or ask basic questions to allow them to participate in the discussion.

If you’re having a great discussion, keep it going as long as possible but do try to stop at a point when everyone is still enjoying themselves. Don’t wait for your family members to start showing signs of boredom. The reason for this is it will leave your children wanting more and eager to have another discussion the next time. Always end on a high note..

If people do seem to be tiring of a subject that seems to be dragging on, quit that card.  If you have time, try a different one.

Browsing the site

If you browse through the cards on the site, that’s fine, but just realize that each card will be included in an email we send out to subscribers.

Have a great discussion?

Did you gain a new insight about your family after a great discussion? We’d love to hear about it. Please send us a testimonial or just comment on the card page.