Guidelines for a Successful Dinner Discussion

Welcome to Dinner Discussions!

Studies have shown that families that eat together are stronger and their children have far fewer issues with substance abuse and other behavioral problems.

This site is for families looking to have engaging conversations at the dinner table.

The most important thing is to have fun and don’t let these conversations ever get into negative emotional territory or your family will be less interested in having these types of conversations in the future.

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How do I use the discuss cards?

  1. Pre-read the card before doing it with your family.
  2. Read a discussion aloud till you come to the word “Discuss” in bold lettering. Then read that line aloud and pause to have a discussion.
  3. After that discussion, continue on with the card if there is more content or discussion items.

Just lead a fun, engaging, and safe discussion for your family around the dinner table.

Things to watch out for…

If you’ve got young children, try to simplify concepts or ask basic questions to allow them to participate in the discussion.

If you’re having a great discussion, keep it going as long as possible but do try to stop when you detect people getting bored. That will leave your children wanting to do it again knowing it won’t drag on and they’ll just have something interesting to discuss. Always end on a high note.

Never engage in criticism of a family member. If a card discussion starts to lead into that territory where someone brings up a point of contention with another family member who may have caused them problems on something, steer away from that topic at the dinner table. Make the dinner table a safe environment for your family.

Did you have a great discussion?

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