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What is Dinner Discussions?

Dinner Discussions is a website where you can get great conversations to have with your children on a wide variety of topics. We have big plans for this website and just ask people to give it a try and see how much their dinner table conversations improve. We’ve kept the price really low to accommodate every family and we have big plans for the future.

How did you come up with this idea?

Dinner Discussions came about because of a desire I had to better communicate with my children. I wanted to have good conversations with them that went beyond “how was your day” and went into things that were interesting and educational. I started Dinner Discussions a couple years ago but due to some serious medical issues in our family, had to shelve it for a while. Along came Ryan Swapp, a like minded individual with a talent for web design, and as we discussed it one day, we felt like it was a great idea and got it going again.

What is your background?

I’m an accountant with a number of hobbies including educational advocacy. I got involved in education issues around 2004 when my oldest was in 3rd grade and to my shock, discovered the local school district was no longer teaching the times tables or long division. A decade later I’m still involved in issues to help ensure children get a quality education. I have a desire to help children understand the principles of entrepreneurship and to be able to support themselves as responsible adults. Dinner Discussions is my way of helping my own children and hopefully providing a service to other busy parents who want these kinds of things for their own family. I hope you’ll give Dinner Discussions a try and see how much it can impact your family in positive ways.

Oak Norton

Oak Norton